TOP 15 COMING SOON: New Devices with Expected Prices

Might it be said that you are anxiously sitting tight for the most recent cell phones to stir things up around town? In this article, we will introduce you to the top 15 upcoming devices that are generating a buzz in the tech world. From powerful processors to stunning camera capabilities, these devices are expected to offer an exceptional user experience. In this way, we should make a plunge and investigate the eventual fate of innovation!

Table of Contents

1.        Introduction

2.        Infinix Note 30 Pro – Rs. 79,999

3.        Infinix Note 30 – Rs. 64,999

4.        Honor Magic V2 – Rs. 346,999

5.        Tecno Camon 20 – Rs. 54,999

6.        Realme Narzo 60 Pro – Rs. 89,999

7.        Tecno Camon 20 Pro – Rs. 74,999

8.        Honor X6a – Rs. 54,999

9.        Vivo Y27 5G – Rs. 69,999

10.      itel P40 Plus – Rs. 27,999

11.      itel A60s – Rs. 21,999

12.      Tecno Phantom V Flip – Rs. 310,000

13.      Oppo K11 – Rs. 69,999

14.      Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 – Rs. 79,999

15.      Oppo Find N3 Flip – Rs. 328,999

16.      Vivo X90s – Rs. 159,999

17.      Conclusion

18.      FAQs

1. Introduction

The smartphone industry is constantly evolving, and manufacturers are consistently striving to bring cutting-edge technology to their devices. In this article, we will showcase the top 15 upcoming smartphones that are expected to make a significant impact in the market. These devices boast impressive features, powerful specifications, and innovative designs.

2. Infinix Note 30 Pro – $293.95 Approximately.

The Infinix Note 30 Pro is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year. It features a stunning AMOLED display with a high refresh rate, providing an immersive viewing experience. The device is powered by a flagship processor, ensuring smooth multitasking and high-performance capabilities. Additionally, the Note 30 Pro boasts a powerful camera system, enabling users to capture stunning photos and videos.

3. Infinix Note 30 – $238.83 Approximately.

The Infinix Note 30 is another device from the Infinix lineup that has garnered a lot of attention. With a sleek design and a vibrant display, the Note 30 offers a delightful visual experience. It is equipped with a powerful chipset and ample RAM, providing seamless performance and efficient multitasking. The device also features a high-resolution camera setup, allowing users to capture professional-quality images.

4. Honor Magic V2 – $1275.02 Approximately.

The Honor Magic V2 is a flagship device that aims to redefine the smartphone experience. It boasts a bezel-less display with an under-display camera, offering an uninterrupted viewing experience. The device is equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, including a powerful processor and ample storage capacity. Additionally, the Magic V2 features advanced photography capabilities, ensuring exceptional image quality.

5. Tecno Camon 20 – $202.09 Approximately. 

The Tecno Camon 20 is a feature-packed smartphone that caters to photography enthusiasts. It comes with a high-resolution camera setup, featuring advanced imaging algorithms for stunning photos. The device also offers a large and vibrant display, ideal for multimedia consumption. With its impressive battery life and smooth performance, the Camon 20 is set to be a popular choice.

6. Realme Narzo 60 Pro – $330.69 Approximately.

Realme is known for its value-for-money devices, and the Narzo 60 Pro is no exception. It combines powerful performance, a sleek design, and an affordable price tag. The Narzo 60 Pro features a high-refresh-rate display, ensuring smooth scrolling and enhanced gaming experiences. With its long-lasting battery and impressive camera capabilities, the Narzo 60 Pro is set to make waves in the mid-range segment.

7. Tecno Camon 20 Pro – $275.58 Approximately.

The Tecno Camon 20 Pro is the upgraded version of the Camon 20, offering enhanced features and performance. It boasts a larger display, more RAM, and additional camera functionalities. The device is powered by a capable processor, ensuring a lag-free user experience. With its competitive pricing and attractive design, the Camon 20 Pro is expected to be a popular choice among consumers.

8. Honor X6a – $202.09 Approximately.

The Honor X6a is a budget-friendly smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance. It features a compact design and a vibrant display, perfect for one-handed usage. The device is equipped with a capable processor and ample storage, allowing users to enjoy a smooth and seamless smartphone experience. With its affordable price tag and reliable performance, the X6a is a device worth considering.

9. Vivo Y27 5G – $257.20 Approximately.

Vivo is known for its camera-centric smartphones, and the Y27 5G continues this trend. It features a powerful camera system that delivers stunning photos in various lighting conditions. The device also offers 5G connectivity, enabling users to enjoy faster download and upload speeds. With its sleek design and impressive specifications, the Vivo Y27 5G is set to be a popular choice among photography enthusiasts.

10. itel P40 Plus – $102.88 Approximately.

The itel P40 Plus is a budget-friendly device that doesn’t compromise on essential features. It offers a large display, ample storage, and a long-lasting battery, making it an ideal choice for multimedia consumption. The gadget likewise includes a skilled camera arrangement, permitting clients to catch noteworthy minutes. With its affordable price and reliable performance, the P40 Plus is targeted towards budget-conscious consumers.

11. itel A60s – $80.83 Approximately.

The itel A60s is another budget-friendly smartphone from itel that aims to provide a reliable smartphone experience at an affordable price point. It offers a compact design and a vibrant display, making it ideal for users who prefer smaller form factors. The device is equipped with a capable processor and sufficient RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and app performance.

12. Tecno Phantom V Flip – $1139.07 Approximately.

The Tecno Phantom V Flip is a premium flagship device that showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation. It features a unique flip camera mechanism, enabling users to capture high-quality selfies and stunning rear camera shots. The device is powered by a top-of-the-line processor and offers ample storage capacity. With its futuristic design and advanced features, the Phantom V Flip is aimed at tech enthusiasts.

13. Oppo K11 – $257.20 Approximately.

The Oppo K11 is a stylish smartphone that combines aesthetics with functionality. It features a sleek and slim design, making it a fashion statement in itself. The device offers a vibrant display, ensuring vivid visuals while gaming or streaming content. With its powerful performance and versatile camera system, the Oppo K11 caters to users who value both style and substance.

14. Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 – $293.95 Approximately.

Xiaomi is known for its feature-packed smartphones at competitive prices, and the Redmi Note 13 is no different. It offers a large display, powerful performance, and an impressive camera setup. The device also boasts a high-capacity battery, ensuring all-day usage without worrying about running out of power. With its attractive price point and reliable performance, the Redmi Note 13 is set to be a popular choice.

15. Oppo Find N3 Flip – $293.95 Approximately.

The Oppo Find N3 Flip is a premium device that pushes the boundaries of smartphone technology. It features a foldable display, providing users with a larger screen real estate without compromising on portability. The device is equipped with advanced camera capabilities and powerful hardware, ensuring a flagship-level experience. With its innovative design and cutting-edge features, the Find N3 Flip is aimed at early adopters and tech enthusiasts.


The smartphone industry is abuzz with anticipation for the release of these top 15 upcoming devices. From affordable budget options to premium flagship smartphones, there is something for everyone in this lineup. Whether you are a photography enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or a fashion-conscious individual, these devices are designed to cater to your needs. Stay tuned for the official releases and get ready to experience the future of technology!


Q: When will these devices be available in the market? 

A: The release dates for these devices vary. It is best to stay updated with the official announcements from the respective manufacturers.

Q: Can I pre-order these devices? 

A: Pre-order availability depends on the manufacturer. Some devices may offer pre-order options, while others may go directly on sale after the official launch.

Q: Are these devices compatible with 5G networks? 

A: Yes, several devices in this lineup offer 5G connectivity, ensuring faster download and upload speeds.

Q: Do these devices support expandable storage? 

A: The storage options vary for each device. Some may offer expandable storage via microSD cards, while others may have fixed internal storage.

Q: Are these devices water-resistant? 

A: The water-resistance capabilities differ for each device. It is advisable to check the official specifications provided by the manufacturers for detailed information.

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In this ever-evolving world of technology, these upcoming devices promise to deliver exciting features and innovations. Stay informed, keep an eye out for official announcements, and get ready to embrace the future with these cutting-edge smartphones!

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