“Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes takes on Disneyland!”

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The article from CBS News reports that Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and MVP of Super Bowl LIV, will celebrate his victory by visiting Disneyland with his family. Mahomes and his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, shared on social media that they were heading to the famous theme park in Anaheim, California.

The article notes that this is not the first time that a Super Bowl MVP has visited Disneyland, as it has become a tradition for the winner to make a visit to the park after the big game. Mahomes follows in the footsteps of many other football greats who have made this trip, including Tom Brady, who famously declared “I’m going to Disney World!” after winning the Super Bowl in 2002.

The article goes on to report that Mahomes will also be honored with a parade at Disney World in Florida later this month. This parade will feature a special float dedicated to the young quarterback, who is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated players in the NFL.

In conclusion, the article covers the news that Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes will be celebrating his victory at Disneyland with his family. It also notes that this is a tradition for the winner of the Super Bowl to make a visit to the park, and that Mahomes will also be honored with a parade at Disney World. Overall, the article provides a lighthearted look at the fun ways in which athletes celebrate their victories, and highlights the enduring appeal of Disneyland as a destination for all ages.

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