Right to Information Act: Request for Iqbal Stadium’s Financial Details Denied

FAISALABAD: The status of Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad has been officially designated as a “nonpublic building” by the district administration.

July, 16 2023 (Social Media)

This declaration was prompted by a citizen’s request under the Right to Information Act, seeking information pertaining to the stadium’s income and expenses from both private and public events, cricket matches, and rent collected from shops within the premises. In response, Additional Deputy Commissioner Kashif Awan, representing the Deputy Commissioner, submitted a written reply to the Punjab Information Commission (PIC), asserting that the Iqbal Stadium lies beyond the purview of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act of 2013.

In correspondence with the applicant, Naeem Ahmad, the PIC further clarified that the stadium operates independently without financial assistance from the Government of Punjab or the Federal Government. It sustains its operations and fulfills its financial obligations through self-generated resources.

In its response to the PIC, the Iqbal Stadium administration emphasized that it has never received any financial aid from the provincial or federal governments. Consequently, it maintained that it is not obligated to provide information regarding its income and expenses to any citizen, as its operations are self-reliant.

The initial application was filed by Naeem Ahmad on February 13, 2023, at the District Right to Information Act Markaz, located in the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Despite the rejection of the request, the administration has clarified its financial independence and accountability.

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