Comprehensive Review of the 6Pcs/Set 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers: Versatile Metal Perforating Pen for Various Applications

Nib Head Markers


The 6Pcs/Set 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers offer a versatile solution for metal perforating, woodworking decoration, and other multi-purpose applications. With an impressive 13126 reviews and over 50,000 units sold, this product has captured the attention of a wide range of users. Priced at PKR153 for a set of 6 pieces and currently available at a remarkable 86% discount, these markers provide a cost-effective and convenient tool for various projects. This review will delve into the features, benefits, and overall performance of these markers, with a focus on their design, usability, and value for money.

Design and Features:

The set includes six markers with a 20mm deep hole long nib head, designed to cater to various tasks such as metal perforating, woodworking, and bathroom decoration. The markers come in a combination of three black and three red colors, providing options for color-coding or aesthetic preferences. The deep hole nib head allows for precise and controlled marking, making it suitable for intricate tasks. The waterproof feature adds to the markers’ durability, making them ideal for bathroom-related applications.

Usability and Performance:

The 6Pcs/Set 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers have garnered significant attention due to their ease of use and versatility. Users across different domains, including metalwork, woodworking, and decorative crafts, have reported positive experiences. The long nib head design enables users to reach tight spaces and corners, enhancing their accuracy and efficiency. This feature makes the markers an excellent choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews and Sold Units:

With an impressive count of 13126 reviews and over 50,000 units sold, these markers have certainly made an impact in the market. Positive feedback from satisfied customers highlights the markers’ durability, precision, and value for money. The wide range of applications, from metalwork to woodworking and decoration, further demonstrates their versatility and utility. Users have praised the deep hole nib head for its ability to create intricate markings and perforations, adding to the overall appeal of the product.

Value Proposition:

Priced at PKR153 for a set of 6 pieces and currently offered at an 86% discount, the 6Pcs/Set 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers offer excellent value for money. The durability, precision, and versatility they provide make them a cost-effective investment for various projects. The inclusion of both black and red markers further enhances their usability and adaptability to different tasks.


In conclusion, the 6Pcs/Set 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers are a noteworthy addition to the toolkit of professionals and hobbyists alike. With their versatile design, waterproof feature, and deep hole nib head, these markers excel in various applications, including metal perforating, woodworking, and decoration. Backed by an impressive number of positive reviews and a substantial sales record, they stand as a reliable and efficient toolset. At a price of PKR153 for a set of 6 pieces and an 86% discount, these markers offer exceptional value for money, making them a recommended choice for those seeking quality and versatility in their marking and perforating tools.

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